A tour of Quantum Leap Winery…the only one in town!

Further exploring Quantum Leap Winery, Orlando’s (not so well-kept) secret… Forever Young but Growing Old.

Our town might be growing in breweries but there is still only one winery in the city. Located on 1312 Wilfred Drive, in the Mills/50 District, it’s not far from the Track Shack. A great place to taste a vast collection or pick up the perfect gift. Now with extended hours open to the public, it’s easier to do just that. Enjoy!

Pull off Orlando’s Main Roads for These Fun Spots

Craft beer, independent winery, fried green tomatoes and camellias…Orlando has it all but you have to find them! Check out my latest post in TravelPulse about these hidden treasures.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

A couple of weeks ago, Charlie and I were in New York City checking out some alternative lodging options in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Here’s a link to my TravelPulse blog post…enjoy and hoping the holidays are a happy time for all!


Travel the world with these bloggers and photojournalists…eye-candy for the armchair traveler

A break in the daily cruise travelogue to praise our fellow writers and photojournalists. Check it out on hypeorlando…8 Global Journalists who take you to foreign lands without leaving home.

Vid and Savi, BruisedPassports.com

Vid and Savi, BruisedPassports.com

Next Stop Skagway and the White Pass & Yukon Railway


Our next port of call would be Skagway, a small town developed when it was discovered there was gold in them thar hills…or mountains of Canada. We took the White Pass & Yukon Railway up to the Summit, learning of the rich history of the land along the way.



Our tall conductor

Our tall conductor

The train climbed past expansive vistas, colorful wildflowers, through tunnels and over bridges. The cloud cover was low which gave the scenery a spooky feel. Along the way there was constant narration describing some bizarre stories about the lives of railroad builders and gold diggers. The White Pass & Yukon Route climbs from sea level to almost 3,000 feet over a course of 20 miles. It’s amazing that this kind of construction could occur around the turn of the century in such harsh terrain.


A ghost bridge to nowhere...looking even more ghostly in the clouds

A ghost bridge to nowhere…looking even more ghostly in the clouds

The trip takes several hours, returning from the Summit covering the same route but everything looks different traveling the other way. At the top, the engine is moved to the other end of the train and the seats are flipped to face the other direction. Once back in Skagway we returned to the Nieuw Amsterdam and then, later explored the town.

A refresher in The Crow's Nest before heading back out to explore the town

A refresher in The Crow’s Nest before heading back out to explore the town


View of downtown Skagway from the Crow's Nest on the ship

View of downtown Skagway from the Crow’s Nest on the ship


Ready to head out to Glacier Bay

Ready to head out to Glacier Bay