Kiss Kiss Kiss

Each night of Advent, several villages participate in open-houses, with a different home hosting an event each evening. The lovely people living in La Chevrerie invited us to their party last night, complete with homemade pumpkin soup and hot wine, among other yummies.

La Chevrerie 001

La Chevrerie 004

Each time someone arrived, they greeted each person attending with a 3-point kiss…right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. I’ve seen the two-cheek greeting before, but was surprised by trois bussing. Very sweet people and such a diverse group. We stayed until our toes went numb as the gathering was held outside while snow was falling all around us. We have already been invited to dinner by another neighbor when we get back from Zermatt and an invite to be taken to a market just over the border in France. We definitely feel welcome.

Earlier today we took a short train ride to Nyon for some additional grocery shopping. Found a multi-story mall a short distance from the train station with Pere Noel wandered around greeting the children.

La Chevrerie 005

La Chevrerie 008

La Chevrerie 009

La Chevrerie 010

La Chevrerie 011

Shops were open along the street and the smell of something baking drew us to an oven baking something (we’ve yet to translate what was cooking). At one point the baker popped out and took a tray out, determined the items weren’t done and popped them back in, then returned inside the shop. We’ll definitely return to Nyon to spend a day and find out what was behind the oven doors.

Tomorrow we’re off to Zermatt for a night, then onto the Glacier Express on Friday. Bonsoir!

3 responses to “Kiss Kiss Kiss

  1. Hello Susan, I told you the people of La Chevrerie are fantastic 🙂 Happy you arer having a great time. We are going to Orlando Magics bascetball game tonight and we gor a trip to visit the wite house comfurm So exaited about it!!!Francisco was sick last night with hi fefer hope he gets better. kisses Polina



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