Walking in high tide

Attempting my usual beach walk today was daunting. At first I reveled in the fact that I was the only one on the beach; and then I realized WHY I was the only one on the beach. The tide’s been up all week, limiting cars and visitors. The weather service says the higher than normal waves and tides are a result of a strong onshore flow, whatever that means. In my case, it means not much available sand on which to walk. Living close to the Atlantic ocean offers a changing shoreline almost every day. Sometimes the tide is so far out we have yards and yards of space to walk, the water might be as calm as the Gulf, and at other times the waves are moving as if driven by a washing machine motor. Today the waves were so far up the beach I could only make it about a half mile to the north before I gave up fighting the wind and water up to my knees.

A normal day at NSB

A “normal” day at NSB

High tide leaving not much space on which to walk

But I did see one brave soul out in the water windsurfing. His strength and control of his craft was amazing, flying over the waves and sailing out so far I could hardly see him. Then he’d steer back to shore as if there were just a gentle wind at his back. My struggles were lame compared to what he was accomplishing out there in the wild waters. (No photos of him because my phone died).

Happy Thanksgiving to all…we’re gearing up for a family celebration at my sister’s place. It’ll be a pie baking marathon at the Young residence while watching the NYC Macy’s parade. Lots to be thankful for! Then some serious planning for our Switzerland trip. Tickets are purchased, plans are being made. All that’s left is a Christmas shopping, cookie baking and a major house cleaning and baby-proofing as our visitors have a newly-walking baby, Francisco. Can’t wait to meet them. More to follow…

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