Big news about XcomGlobal

Keep your fingers crossed! On our trip to Switzerland I may be able to participate in a free trial of a new WiFi system which is being offered internationally by XcomGlobal. While traveling we take our netbook and a Kindle Fire with us, taking advantage of free WiFi signals along the way. However, our recent experience in Germany, missing a train and having to stay overnight in Munich, forced us to pay for coverage so we could scout out a hotel and make reservations while en route. With XcomGlobal’s equipment, a traveler can access the internet anywhere, as long as they are in a country with access. Switzerland is on their list and they are looking for travel writers to test the system and report their assessments.

It will be a boost for the blog as I’ll be able to post while on the road (or rail) rather than waiting til we get back to our home base.

Still working out the kinks as their offer is for 2 weeks and we will be away for a month, but it sounds like they will accommodate us. The offer was made available through which describes XcomGlobal as “a leading provider of low-cost wireless internet access rental services for international travelers.”

More later…

2 responses to “Big news about XcomGlobal

  1. We’re approved! So we’ll be carrying with us constant access to the internet with the netbook and Kindle. We’re not uptown enough to have an Iphone and 4G capabilities so will rely on WiFi for our journeys. Free is good.


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