Christmas in Switzerland…New Year’s in Paris??

So…we didn’t think we would be making another trip this year, especially to Europe again, but….we received an offer we just can’t refuse. A young couple are thinking about relocating to Volusia County…they have friends and family in Orange City. They asked if we would exchange homes for a month over the holidays. After much angst and feelings of guilt, we decided to take them up on their offer. (You only live once, right?!) Their place is just outside of Geneva, close to France (3 hours by train to Paris)…just a short walk to the train. So, we’re committed. We Skyped the other day and they’re lovely people with a 13 month old son. We’re also doing a car exchange so we’ll have a bit more flexibility and won’t be tied down to the trains for short trips. Night skiing is available within 15 minutes of the house and they’ve offered their equipment for us to use. More details to follow…

4 responses to “Christmas in Switzerland…New Year’s in Paris??

  1. Judy, I figure, at our age, we just have to “seize the moment”…who knows how many moments we have left healthy enough to enjoy life. And, it’s just so damn affordable when you don’t have to pay for lodging or transportation. Living close to Orlando has its advantages when Europeans are clamoring to spend their holiday over here.


  2. Why not? It’s a great opportunity and you both clearly enjoy the travel so much. We just never know how long we have to do these things and you plans sound fantastic.
    We have also found that you can have a very special family Christmas that just doesn’t fall on Christmas Day. Oh well;-) its a twofer then.
    We’re planning a trip to London for the holidays. Susan


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