Beautiful Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg…a purely Bavarian town that harkens back centuries and preserved in such a way that makes it easy to imagine life when the night watchman walked the protective wall surrounding it. The streets are narrow, lined with shops and restaurants, one of which made for a yummy lunch.

It was kind of hot the day we visited so a Radler beer hit the spot. These are wheat beers mixed with lemonade, sprite, coke, or whatever sounds good. Sounded awful to us at first but so far have tried all three and now we’re fans. The round dumpling-like things on Charlie’s plate are Kloss…a ball formed by cooked and raw potato, mixed with a special flour that holds it all together. Andrea fixed some for our dinner and they were tasty with gravy.

We found a pathway along the wall with tremendous views and walked upstairs to dark passageways with small holes in the wall, presumably to aim guns through, if needed. Another small space along the wall had a bench seat made from stone, with a hole in it to sit upon and take care of business, if you get my drift, which would drop approximately 40 feet below. As if that weren’t bad enough, there were actually two holes, side by side, so one could have company. I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go, even when you’re the nightwatchman.

Rothenburg is know for doughy cake balls called Schneeballen. Word is that they are still edible years after they are made. We opted for ice cream, instead. This town is a must-see if you’re in Bavaria and includes some of the prettiest photo-ops. These people were so creative with their architecture.  There isn’t a dull spot in the city.

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