Ruediger brought Florida’s heat back with him!

I think a lot of the charm of this part of Europe, for us, has been the delightful weather…low temps and humidity. But since Ruediger has returned from NSB, the temps are hot and humid…ugh. Spent part of Sunday roaming the Zirndorf festival with Ruediger, Andrea, sons Robin and Jason, along with the neighbors upstairs, Peter and Aliya. We wound up at the major biergarten for beer, appetizers, beer, main course…and more beer. OK, the beer is finally getting old, but really refreshing on a hot day.

Now we’re up to a full liter!

Andrea, Alya and Peter

Ruediger paying the tab.

Salted radish slivers on the left. German form of steak tartare on the right…only it’s made with raw sausage. (I can imagine Ali and Jess gagging at this one).

On the far right, dark bread spread with cheese and chives. The white stuff on the bread in the middle, is the cold fat you scrape off from the top of gravy mixed with spices…I just couldn’t bring myself to try it and I’ll be looking at the Thanksgiving turkey gravy in a whole new light now.

After stuffing ourselves at the biergarten, we walked to Andrea’s house where she served cake made with fresh plums from a tree in her backyard. Andrea was born in Zirndorf, where her father had a business. That’s Jason on the far left, Andrea, Ruediger and Robin at the top. On the right Peter and Aliya (the tenants above us) and Charlie.

Andrea’s backyard includes a bird and rabbit sanctuary with 40 canaries…tried to get us to take some home but I don’t think customs would allow it.







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