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Gotta blow my own horn here, so to speak, with the news that has published one of my blog posts and I am in contract with them to write further content. Most will be based in Orlando but I’ll be writing about Asheville this summer, also. First post is about the rise of the craft beer industry in Orlando…research was great fun!

It’s a major step for me as I’ve been slooooowly working towards this kind of validation as a writer, focusing on travel, and it feels good to be validated. Thanks to Kim Warrner for informing me about the Orlando Sentinel‘s blog platform,, right after we moved back to Orlando. Writing for them has been a wonderful exercise in discipline and the support really helps, as sitting at a computer, hoping to get noticed, can be very isolating. Just when you feel like giving it all up, someone in the hypeorlando group will pat you on the back, come up with a few words of encouragement and spur you on.

Geez, this is sounding like an acceptance speech for an Academy Award! Actually, it kind of felt that way when I saw my name under the TravelPulse banner yesterday. More to come…

7 responses to “Check me out on

  1. You go girl!!!!! I always knew you were an awesome writer. Please toot your horn my way always. Coffee, lunch, or tea sometime? PKW



  2. Congrats on your new assignment. I’ve heard Asheville is a hot bed of hippies, many of which are Boomers. Looking forward to getting ground level reports.


  3. Hi Susan, and congrats on this! I know it’s got to have you excited and doing a little happy dance – I always look forward to reading more your posts, so keep the good stuff coming no matter where you are resting your head!


    • I checked it. Fascinating info. I guess I’ll not live to 100 (don’t want to). I notice the man in the photo is smoking a chillum. Is that on the list?


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