Walk the Talk for Epilepsy

Please check out the “Epilepsy” tab of this blog…it will give you info about the upcoming fundraiser walk for the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida…a cause close to my heart as our daughter, Alison, is on meds for grand mal seizures as a result of brain surgery when she was 11 years old. Anyone out there who has had experience with a traumatic brain injury knows that, even when the patient recovers fully from the event, there is a major chance of epileptic seizures happening later as a result of scar tissue from the surgery. Seizure control meds, and the neurologist visits which accompany them, are extremely expensive and usually not covered by health insurance as this is considered a “pre-existing condition.” We are hoping the new ACA will help Ali in the future but right now we depend on the EFOF for assistance with the cost of her meds.

Unfortunately, too many of our returning vets are experiencing seizures as a result of head injuries while in foreign wars. We hear about their heroic acts and are happy to see them survive horrific events, however, we do not usually hear about the residual effects of those injuries. Please help by donating to the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida so they can help those in need.