If it’s cheap, there’s usually a reason

Departing London we were introduced to the reason why Ryanair gets such bad press. They warn you about carry-ons – have to meet certain size and weight standards. I had carefully measured our luggage and it fit the requirements, except for the wheels at the base. Departing Frankfurt Hahn for London, there was a cage-like container where you could determine if it fit. We were told as long as it fit upside down, regardless of the wheels, we were good to go, and it did fit that way so everyone was happy. However, upon our departure from London, we were held up for an extra check of our passport, for some reason, and then told we had to put our bag in the cage to make sure it fit. Followed the previous protocol and placed it in upside down but the attendant insisted it didn’t fit. Of course, this was while we were supposed to be boarding so not much time for negotiating. They refused to let us board with the bag and charged us 50 Euros to check it. Later we wished we would have just emptied the contents into a plastic bag and left the suitcase behind. We paid less than 50 Euros for the damn thing at Marshalls and we didn’t have much in it. So that’s how Ryanair put the screws to us. We will be following up with written complaints but doubt we’ll get anywhere after hearing others having had the same problem. Chalk it up to experience!

One response to “If it’s cheap, there’s usually a reason

  1. I loved Ryanair when I was traveling in Europe…their model is cheap cheap cheap, and as a student I didn’t have much money, so I appreciated that. Got many round trip flights for less than twenty pounds. However, their model doesn’t leave any room for niceties like customer service or….well…anything else.


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