Close enough to see them sweat

Not able to upload photos right now but lots to come. Got a lot of video of the marathon, up close and personal. These athletes are so amazing that they can continue a pace after so many miles. The made four passes down Northumberland and by the last lap the final runner was still receiving a much cheer as the first. Of course, the biggest noise went out for the British marathoners. One of our USA runners dropped out right in front of us.

Silly thing happened right before the start – a couple of security cars would make a sweep of the street before each lap and caught a guy jumping the barricade with a huge keyboard and suitcase…he plopped himself down on the street as if he were going to serenade the runners. They swarmed him and scooped him and his gear into one of the cars off they took him to a thunderous cheer.

All in all, though, it was a happy crowd…we met a 72 year old guy from Ireland who has run over 100 marathons since he was in his 50’s. He now organizes races for charity in his home town. Gave us an application form for an upcoming race. Nice people. But I’m not too impressed with the cleanliness of London, probably because of the crowds but didn’t appreciate someone urinating in the street in front of  me – too much ale I guess!

Now that the race is over, off to see the sights. Cheerio!

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