Old really means Old in Europe

Spent part of the day in Nuremburg in the Old Town which is surrounded by a huge wall and moat along with a castle on a hill, and ancient cathedrals interspersed with modern shopping areas and biergartens. It’s overwhelming to think of the history here and I won’t bore you with it, but following are photos which cannot capture the beauty of the architecture…

This one’s for Patty – yes, that’s George in a Williams-Sonoma type kitchen shop.

Our mode of travel for the duration – this is a regional train…super smooth and quiet. Also, taking the ICE trains, even faster with fewer stops.

Wish I could bring all these flowers back for Isaiah!

So many nasty gargoyles hiding in the architecture of the cathedrals. Scaring off the devil?

Amazing sculpture…

More of the same amazing sculpture…

…and the X-rated side of same amazing sculpture.

More to come…it’s getting late here and too pooped to add more.  Tomorrow we’ll be on the train all day getting to and through the Black Forest via rail. Night, night…

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