Dementia Drama du Jour

Happy Monday…waking up to a blurb on the Today Show about 30 somethings dreading the fact that they are turning 40. Sorry, can’t relate, until you fast forward 30 years later…I’m trying to enjoy my sixties as much as I can, in anticipation of my seventies looming down the road. It’s all relative. Just enjoy the moment!

The latest drama engulfing my parents’ living with dementia, is dad misunderstanding a quarterly financial statement from his broker. Standard stuff but he’s becoming paranoid and thinking money is being stolen from his account. This has prompted arguments with mom and a phone call to his broker (who has been with him for decades). Said broker has been notified of dad’s memory and cognitive issues – call hasn’t been returned yet, as far as I know. Dad lashes out at mom when she tries to explain it to him and she reacts with more lashing out…lovely scenario. This will last until the next crisis evolves or when one of us can remove the statement from his sight and mind. Meanwhile, keep repeating the mantra “Don’t Argue!”

It’s birthday extravaganza month with 5 birthdays and an anniversary in the family within the next 3 weeks. Our oldest daughter is turning 30 and her little sister is turning 28 this week. I can remember the surprise party held for my 30th like it was just yesterday…it was yesterday, right? What? Thirty-two years ago? Surely you jest! At the time, my friend, Nikki, gave my parents a plaque officially pushing my age back so they would feel younger…I could use one of those right about now.

As mentioned before, I won’t bore you with what I ate for breakfast, however, I am happy to announce that the South Beach Diet resulted in a loss of almost 5 pounds last week. Let’s see if I can handle another week of no sugar, no flour and no cocktails (I did sneak in a glass of Grand Traverse Reisling the other night, however, and it was well worth it). Now I just have to keep from tasting the plethora of celebration cakes and desserts tempting me over the next few weeks, starting Wednesday.

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